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IT generates many different kinds of data. The potential for others to use these datasets in innovative and creative ways to benefit the entire campus community and beyond, may be limitless. Whether this data is consumed and delivered via the web or mobile web is of no more or less consequence than the potential benefit of new uses of the data. It is with this sense of innovation, creativity, and sharing that IT launched this site.

If you have a dataset to share, please complete the Submission Request form (xml files are currently being accepted), the information you provide will be published and available with your dataset.

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UNM Events

UNM Events

This dataset contains upcoming UNM Events with a cross-reference to Main Campus buildings. See the Data Definition for detailed information.



This dataset lists merchants offering discounts for goods and services to UNM students, employees, alumni, and retirees. See the Data Definition for detailed information.

Campus Locations

Campus Locations

This dataset includes Main Campus buildings and other locations including Blue Phones, Dining, Gyms, Information Centers, Libraries, Metered Parking, and more. See the Data Definition for detailed information.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule

This is a dataset of class listings for the current semester, and, if available, up to the next three semesters. See the Data Definition for detailed information.

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UNM Events Data Definition Hourly
Goods & Services
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LoboPerks Data Definition Daily
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Campus Locations
Main campus
  • Blue phones
  • Buildings
  • Computer pods
  • Dining
  • Gyms
  • Information centers
  • Libraries
  • Metered Parking
  • Places of interest
  • Restrooms
  • UNM shuttles
Data Definition Monthly
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UNM Schedule of Classes
  • Current semester
  • One semester in the future
  • Two semesters in the future
  • Three semesters in the future
Data Definition

Also see the Schedule Data site for detailed information.